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Little Creek Farms is located in the beautiful Colorado foothills. We raise registered colored Boers but still maintain a select few traditional does to cross with our dapple/spotted, paint and reds. We feel there is always improvements that need to be made in the Boer industry especially when dealing with colored stock. We have brought in goats from some of the top breeders across the United States to help us in our journey including Bon Joli Farms, Lazy S-T Ranch, and Capriole Boers just to name a few. Our goal is to have not only eye appealing color but stock that have good bone structure, nice length and width, can produce fast growing kids and in order to do that the mothers must have nice clean udders and great milk supply. We hope you enjoy our herd and please feel free to look around to see what Little Creek Farms has to offer.
Little Creek Farms Karen Swink Lyons, Colorado (303) 823-6120 ~ (720) 352-2451 Email: swink50@msn.com
HERE ARE SOME OF OUR BLOODLINES:  Kung Foo Panda, EGGS Colossal, JRB3 Copper’s Domino, MAUL Texas Red Ruby, FNHR Cat-Tastic, Bon Joli/Lazy S-T Crackerjack and GNCF MMF Miss Red Satin OUR ENNOBLED LINES: Hillside Hitman's Dark Mark, Hillside Dark Side, Ward's Cat in the Hat, The Big Cat, ABF Quick Trick, Lazy S-T Outback Jack, LAB Red Ryder, Der War Paint, Maul Painted Warrior, Splash of Classic, Bingo, CRCR Aged to Perfection, EDSR Gus, Ashcreek 38 Magnum, Scorpios Stinger - *Sire of Merit*
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Updated: April 20th 2017 The kids have started to arrive and man is the color we are producing is amazing. Check them all out on our “NEW KIDS” page and you can see live updates on our facebook page so check that out also. We have 3 Mature Fullblood Colored Bucks for sale. You can check them out on our “FOR SALE” page ALSO CHECK OUT THE TWO NEW DOES WE PURCHASED FROM MADESSA HOFFER-DYE. THEY ARE BRED TO 2SONS SECRETARIAT *ENNOBLED* You can always see updates on our Facebook page as while.